HN takes on SS Archers

The Huntington North High School boys’ basketball teams traveled to Norwell High School to face the Knights on Friday, Feb. 12, falling just three points behind their hosts and ending the evening with a score of 57-54.

The two teams were nearly even in their scoring during quarter one. Norwell gained 16 while HNHS followed close behind with 15.

It was quarters two and three that proved more difficult for the Vikings. Norwell gained 11 points in the second quarter, more than double what Huntington provided. By only adding five points in the second quarter, HNHS sat at 20 points at the end of the half and Norwell rose to 27. The third quarter again saw HNHS struggle, only adding nine points to rise to 29. Norwell added 19 points in the third quarter alone, skyrocketing to 46 points.

The third quarter showed extra effort on Huntington’s part, adding 25 points overall.  But it wasn’t enough to top Norwell, who added 11 points in the fourth for their final score of 57.

The junior varsity team would manage to top Norwell 35-24. The freshman team also topped Norwell, scoring 41-21.

On Saturday, Feb. 13, Huntington hosted Fort Wayne South Side, and the tune was far different as compared to the previous evening’s game, topping the Archers with a score of 59-35.

South Side topped Huntington in quarter one, gaining two more points than the Vikings with 11.  The rest of the game was a different story.

By the end of the half, Huntington stood 24-22 over South Side. Their greatest lead, however, took place in the third quarter. Huntington defended the basket well, only allowing South Side to gain two points. Huntington also added 20 points in the third to skyrocket to 44 points.

The Archers added another 11 points in the fourth quarter to round out their score to 35. The Vikings added 15 points to end the evening with 59.

Juniors Zach Hubartt and Will Hotchkiss led the team with 15 points each. Senior Sam Thompson followed closely behind with 14 points.

The junior varsity team fell just short of a win, scoring 54-53. The freshman team topped South Side 39-23.