Etna Acres announces recent tourney results

Etna Acres Golf Course, in Andrews, has announced the results of its Junior Senior Tournament on Sunday, June 14.

10 and under division
First place, Dylan and Larry Powell, 55.
Second place, Nolan and Daniel Chenoweth, 60.
Third place, Alex and Ken Perkins, 72.

11 to 13 division
First place, Hunter and Todd Jackson, 56.
Second place, Isaac and Adam Stakeman, 67.
Third place, Gavin and Ralph Stout, 74.

14 and over division
First place, Nick Perkins and Bill Harmsen, 57.
Second place, Bryce and Stephanie Rigney, 75.

Etna Acres’ next tournament is Sunday, July 11, at 2:30 p.m.

The golf course notes that the bridge on Ind.-124 near Rush Creek will be closing soon and that some patrons may need to take an alternative route to the course.