Champion Hill Toppers beat newly-formed Jonesboro in base ball

"In a match played to raise funds for historic restoration in Jonesboro, the Champion Hill Toppers of Huntington traveled south to play the newly-formed Jonesboro Zebras. Under gorgeous skies, on a field that could generously be called ‘interesting,' the local heroes scored four runs with two outs in the bottom of the ninth to take the match 18-17.

"The Huntington lads will admit that the Jonesboro boys out hit and out fielded the vet-eran visitors - for eight innings. While many a struck ball found their way into the creek that divided the right and center scouts from the rest of the field, it had no real effect on the outcome of the match. And the picnic shelter about 20 feet behind the first to second line only had a couple of balls strike it, so it was not a factor. It was the well-struck ball of the home team that kept Huntington on the ropes - but not out - during much of the match.

"Jonesboro jumped out to a one-run lead after one inning, and built it to a 15-10 lead after seven innings. But, on a day when the Huntington lads saw bounce after bounce go the wrong way for the fielders, and inning after inning die as Jonesboro ballists found a way to bend but not break, the ‘never say die' spirit of the Huntington County boys brought another victory onto the honored banners of the team. With two out in the bottom of the ninth, the Toppers scrapped, batted, snarled and hustled their way to five straight hits that brought in four runs to win the highest-scoring contest in some time."

"Unfortunately at the end of the match, the tally sheet had disappeared during the post game meeting of the teams. Some local miscreant, no doubt, chagrined at the loss, decided to add a bit of mischief to the day, and hied off with the statistics of the match. Suffice to say that Weegee Bugge, Drifter Whitesell, Legs Whitesell, Pops Wiegmann, Lightfoot Cox, Limpy Kaufman, Sawdust Hippensteel, Blisters Henly, Pony Express Torres and Beans Myers all had bats at the plate that added to the victory and moments in the field that kept the opponents within striking distance. Huzzah for the Toppers!"

"The next matches are Saturday, Sept. 25, at Lake Clare diamond starting at 11 a.m. Vintage Clubs coming in for the Festival of Base Ball are the powerful Indianapolis Blues, our nearby rivals the Winona Lake Blue Laws and Warsaw Fleetfoots, the famous Day-ton Clodbusters and the happy Millers of Bonneyville.

"All area cranks are invited to bring a blanket and picnic hamper and enjoy the great game with the local boys."