Crestview cross country teams compete at Maple Creek invitational

Crestview Middle School's cross country team competed in the Maple Creek Middle School Cross Country Invitational on Thursday, Aug. 27, in Fort Wayne.

For the eighth grade boys, Caleb Stoffel had the best time for Crestview, with 11:18 to land in sixth place. Landon Underwood came in at 12:00 for 14th, Tyler Henline had 12:11 for 16th, Dylan Mower had 12:13 for 17th and Caleb Hauphert had 13:05 to come in at 23rd place.

In the eighth grade girls' division, Leah Valenzuela came in at 15:19 for 14th place.

Seventh grade boys had six Crestview runners in that division. Alec Justice, running 12:02 for 8th place. Luke Juillerat had 12:34 for 13th place. David Prather ran 12:57 for 18th place, Graham Sereno had 14:36 for 37th, Logan Boyer had 14:44 for 39th and Cameron Stuttle ran 16:44 for 43rd place.

In the seventh grade girls' division, Corrine Zay ran a 13:44 for 14th place and Emily Eherenman had 13:52 for 15th place. Ashleigh Miller ran 14:42 for 19th place, Kayla Farrell ran 16:26 for 32nd, Rachel Mischaud had 18:13 for 33rd place and Jesse May had 23:48 for 40th place.

Crestview sent 11 runners to the 6th grade boys' division. Luke Stroud ran 13:09 for 12th place. Zach Baldridge ran a 13:27 for 16th place. Michael May had 15:03 for 26th, Jacob Vison had 15:06 for 27th, Colton Sheets had 15:16 for 28th and Ben Huffman ran a 15:27 for 31st. Also, Alec Goetz ran 17:12 for 43rd, Tony Ditzler had 17:20 for 43rd, Jacob White had 18:45 for 45th, Tim Moore had 19:14 for 46th and Brandon Schrader had 23:02 for 48th.

The sixth grade girls sent seven Crestview runners. Marissa Jamison ran 14:16 for ninth place and Alexis Aldred had 15:11 for 13th place. Ellie Lawson ran 16:37 for 24th, Katharine Leeper had 17:59 for 30th, Meghan Underwood had 18:14 for 31st, Sinclair Williams ran 18:45 for 35th and Kayla Stuttle ran 24:50 for 41st place.