Huntington County Baseball announces results of weeks 1-3

Huntington County Baseball League began its season on May 2.

Below is a listing of the results for the first three weeks of play.

Clemente League

Week 1 Frederick's Photography won over Kiwanis Club 17-8 on opening day.

Also on May 2, Bippus State Bank beat the Veterans of Foreign Wars 16-4.

Clear Creek then proceeded to roll over Bippus 19-1.
Ness Brothers Real Estate (Roanoke) beat Midwest Metals 13-2.

On May 4, Clear Creek beat Midwest Metals 13-1.

Roanoke won over Bippus 20-4 on May 5, and Frederick's Photography walked over VFW 28-6.

On May 7, Frederick's Photography beat Bippus 9-6.
Roanoke then won over VFW 14-3 on May 8.

Week 2
Frederick's Photography won over Midwest Metals 14-6 on May 11.

Also that day, Kiwanis beat Bippus 20-1.

On May 12, Roanoke beat Clear Creek 8-3.

Kiwanis triumphed over Midwest Metals 19-9.

On May 14, Roanoke inched over Kiwanis 8-7.

Also in week two, Clear Creek won 10-8 over Kiwanis.

Week 3
Clear Creek won over Frederick's Photography 11-10.

On May 18, Clear Creek won again, beating Midwest Metals 18-3.

The same day, Kiwanis beat Frederick's 17-9.

On May 19, Roanoke beat Bippus 17-3, and Kiwanis shut out VFW, with a final score of 22-0.

Finally, Midwest Metals beat Bippus 19-12.

As of week three, Roanoke stands undefeated in first place with a record of 6-0. Clear Creek is in second with a 5-1 record. Frederick's Photography is in third place, with a 4-2 record, closely followed by Kiwanis and its 4-3 record. Midwest Metals is in fifth, with a 1-5 record, not far ahead of Bippus, which has a 1-6 record. Finally, Veterans of Foreign Wars is in seventh, with a record of 0-4.

Mays League

Week 1
On opening day, the Tin Caps won 11-2 over Miami Tool & Die.

Also on May 2, First Federal defeated Star Insurance 8-7, and then proceeded to shut out David Culp, CPA, 13-0.

D&D Sales and Body Shop trumped RE/MAX 13-7.

On May 4, Star Insurance beat RE/MAX 12-4.

On May 7, Miami Tool & Die beat David Culp 9-6.

The same day, Star Insurance bat the Tin Caps 13-9.

Miami Tool & Die beat First Federal 3-1 on May 8.

Later on that day, the Tin Caps knocked off RE/MAX 16-6.

The last scheduled game of the day saw D&D Sales inch over David Culp 9-8.

Finally, First Federal beat D&D Sales 11-7.

Week 2
D&D Sales won over Star Insurance 7-2 on May 12.

The Tin Caps hung on over First Federal, winning 11-10.
Miami Tool & Die beat RE/MAX 5-4.

On May 14, Star Insurance beat Miami Tool & Die 12-10.

Week 3
RE/MAX won over David Culp 15-12.

On May 18, the Tin Caps trumped Miami Tool and Die 7-3.

Star Insurance rolled 13-4 over David Culp on May 19.

Also on May 19, First Federal beat D&D Sales 11-10.

On May 21, First Federal powered over RE/MAX 17-5.

On May 22, the Tin Caps lost to David Culp 8-15.

Star Insurance beat RE/MAX 22-10 the same day.

D&D sales beat Miami Tool & Die 8-5.

Finally, the D&D Sales versus the Tin Caps game scheduled for week two was played during week three, with D&D Sales winning 8-4.

As of week three, D&D Body Shop, First Federal and Star Insurance are tied for first place, with records of 5-2. The Tin Caps are in fourth, with a record of 4-3. Miami Tool & Die has a 3-4 record and sits in fifth place. David Culp is in sixth with a record of 1-5, and RE/MAX is in seventh with a 1-6 record.

Reece League

Week 2
The Exchange Club beat Novae Trailer 11-1.

Novae won over Doctor Construction (Clear Creek) 7-6.

Wells Fargo inched past Roanoke Chamber of Commerce 4-3.

The Exchange Club powered over OakBrook Village 12-5.

Finally, the Exchange Club beat Clear Creek 13-9.

The reported standings for the Reece League has undefeated Exchange Club in first place with a 5-0 record. OakBrook Village, Novae Trailer and Roanoke Chamber of Commerce are all tied for second, with 2-2 records. The Optimist Club is in fifth with a 1-2 record. Wells Fargo and Doctor Construction (Clear Creek) are tied for sixth, each with 1-3 re-cords.

9-12 Softball

Weeks 1-3
Nick's Junction of Roanoke beat Parkview Health Systems 13-11 on May 2.

Andrews Lions Club shut out Mettler Insurance 6-0.
Beacon Credit Union won over Clear Creek - Polar Seal 11-8.

The Tin Caps powered over Parkview Health Systems 26-10 on May 4.

On May 5, Mettler Insurance beat Nick's Junction 6-3.

Beacon Credit Union shut out Huntington Lions Club 14-0 on May 8.

On May 9, Beacon Credit Union dominated Nick's Junction 15-3.

Mettler Insurance beat MSM Transport 14-7.

Andrews Lions Club won over Roger Wiley Farm Bureau Insurance 13-2.

On May 15, Beacon Credit Union beat the Tin Caps 19-10, and Nick's Junction beat Clear Creek 12-6.

Beacon Credit Union shut out Roger Wiley 10-0 on May 20.

Also that day, Mettler Insurance beat Parkview 20-5.

Clear Creek won over the Huntington Lions 16-6.

Finally, Clear Creek beat MSM Transport 19-12.

So far, Beacon Credit Union is in first place, with an undefeated record of 5-0. Andrews Lions Club is a close second, with an undefeated record of 2-0. Mettler Insurance is in third, with a 3-1 record. Clear Creek - Polar Seal is in fourth with a record of 2-2. The Tin Caps are in fifth, with a 1-1 record, and Nick's Junction is in sixth, with a record of 1-3. The Huntington Lions, MSM Transport and Roger Wiley Farm Bureau Insurance are all tied for seventh, with 0-2 records. Finally, Parkview Health Systems is in 10th, with an 0-3 record.