Adult open class competition during county 4-H Fair yields many winners

Winners have been announced for the adult open class competition held during the 2013 Huntington County 4-H Fair.

The competition, sponsored by the Huntington County Extension Homemakers, was open to any Huntington County resident 18 years or older.

Professional entries were not allowed.

Ribbons awarded were:

Color Photography
Colleen Pflieger, best of show.

Heather Eltzroth, Sharon Laupp, honors; Jeff Barlow, Janell Brubaker, Andrea Bruch, Bonnie Clampitt, Chuck Clampitt, Melissa Clore, Steve Freds, Mitchell Hardy, Debbie Miller, Tina Reed, Tiffany Saunders, Arlene Wall and Kathy Zeissig, blue.

Black and White Photography
Heather Eltzroth, best of show.

Chuck Clampitt, Sharon Laupp, honors; Jeff Barlow, Janell Brubaker, Andrea Bruch, Steve Freds, Mitchell Hardy, Tina Reed, Arlene Wall and Kathy Zeissig, blue.

Enhanced Photography
Debbie Miller, best of show.

Jeff Barlow, blue.

Basic Craft
Eva Szelis, best of show.

Sue Holtz, Janice Smith, Donna Waters, honors; Debra Abbott, Amy Ambrose, Karen Fulton, Sharon Laupp, Barb Mills, James Mills, Ruth Reed, Carla Rice, Tiffany Saunders, Alison Vanner and Kathy Zeissig, blue.

Fine Arts
Annabel Ring, best of show.

Karen Fulton, blue.

Recycled Item
Ruth Reed, best of show.

Amy Ambrose, Taya Decker and Kathy Zeissig, blue.

Amy Ambrose, best of show.

Melissa Padgett, honors.

Rowena Richardson, best of show.

Sue Holtz, honors; Amy Ambrose and Genevieve Mason, blue.

Jo Paul, best of show.

Shelia Hines, Colleen Pflieger, Allison Vanner, honors; Pam Fausz, Sue Holtz, Carla Rice and Tiffany Saunders, blue.

Quilted Items
Pam Fausz, best of show.

Sue Holtz and Stephanie Jerabek, blue.

Counted Cross Stitch
Tom Harvey, best of show.

Barbara Spreen and Martha Stephan, honors.

Lola Lee Peters, blue.

Knitted Items
Bonnie Clampitt, blue.

Crocheted Items
Joy Kennedy, best of show.

Sharon Kocher, Rosalie Lee, honors; Bonnie Clampitt, Rachel Decker, Lisa Harbuck and Carla Rice, blue.

Wearable Art
Carla Rice, blue.

Flower Arrangement
Rosalyn Hughes, best of show.

Bonnie Clampitt, honors; Karen Fulton, Tiffany Saunders and Kathy Zeissig, blue.

Canned Vegetables
Chuck Clampitt, red.

Processed Vegetables
Stephanie Jerabek, red.

Pickled Foods
Tiffany Saunders, red.

Quick Breads
Stephanie Jerabek, best of show.
Alice Roth, blue.

Stephanie Jerabek, best of show.

Genevieve Mason, best of show.

Sue Nunemaker, honors; Melissa Clore, Stephanie Jerabek, Jennifer Mason and Alice Roth, blue.

Melissa Clore, best of show.

Genevieve Mason, honors.

Jams and Jellies
Heather Eltzroth, red.