Group places bird feeders at nursing homes

Jake Wyatt and his son Ryder Wyatt hang a birdfeeder at the Heritage of Warren.
Jake Wyatt and his son Ryder Wyatt hang a birdfeeder at the Heritage of Warren. Photo provided.

On Christmas Eve a local organization, Feeders for Friends, completed their goal of installing a bird feeder outside the window of every resident possible in every nursing home in Huntington County.

“We installed 207 bird feeders in the last three weeks,” reported Jake and Cora Wyatt on the organization’s Facebook page on Dec. 24. “We also filled over 300 bird feeders”.

Jake Wyatt started the organization about a month ago, by creating the “Feeders for Friends” Facebook group on the popular social media site.

His original post stated:

“Hello, my name is Jake Wyatt and I am starting an organization called Feeders for Friends. Feeders for Friends is based on an idea to provide nursing home residents in our community with a window bird feeder. Our goal is to provide a feeder for every nursing home resident in Huntington County by Christmas Eve! It is our hope that this effort will spread a little joy to all that have been affected by the current circumstances…”

Wyatt went on to explain that donations of new or used shepherds’ hooks, clean and dry two-liter bottles, bird feeders new or used and bags of bird seed would be accepted as donations.

Originally, all donations were to be dropped off at Huntington Nursery & Florist, in Huntington. Over the course of the next few weeks, however, Orscheln’s joined in and set up a bin at their own store in Huntington to accept donations for the cause as well.

Many local folks generously donated all the items needed as time progressed. The two-liter bottles, which were made into bird feeders, received a special extra touch from children who painted them in an array of colors.

As donations came pouring in, the Wyatt’s got busy every weekend  installing  as  many feeders as possible.

Over the course of the last month, each weekend they got a bit closer to their goal and always provided updates in the social media group page.

Now that all feeders have been installed, it is their hope that feeders will stay full throughout the winter months, and even into the spring.

“We are also keeping all bird feeders on every property involved in the project full and functional all winter and hopefully longer,” explained Wyatt.

“So, throughout winter if you would like to donate bird seed or suet cakes they can be dropped off at Huntington Nursery.”

For more information, a request may be made to join the “Feeders for Friends” Facebook page, where updates are provided and the Wyatt’s can be reached by message.