Tax bills will be late, but taxpayers can pay early

Property tax bills will not be due on May 10 this year, Huntington County Treasurer Brenda Hamilton says, and probably won't even be sent out by that time.

Huntington County property owners can, however, voluntarily pay their taxes before receiving their statements.

"They can pay whatever they think they owe," Hamilton says. "That helps keep the county running."

May 10 is the normal due date for the spring installment of property taxes. This year, though, the Indiana legislature is still making changes that will affect tax bills - and may continue to do so through the end of April, Hamilton says. Once the legislature is done making changes, those changes must be sent to the companies that make the software that computes tax statements so that the software can be adjusted, Hamilton says.

"Until this process is completed, the auditor's and treasurer's offices can not determine the due date or the dollar amounts for this year's taxes," Hamilton says in a news release.

Taxpayers can make voluntary payments in the treasurer's office before the taxes are calculates and printed. The advance payments will be applied to the property owner's taxes.

Payments can be made in the treasurer's office, Room 104 of the Huntington County Courthouse, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Payments can also be mailed to the Huntington County Treasurer's Office, 201 N. Jefferson St., Room 104, Huntington, IN 46750. A self-addressed stamped envelope should be included for the return of a receipt.
When tax statements are mailed out, they will have a new look, Hamilton says. The new statement will be printed on letter-sized white paper and will contain basic information such as taxpayer name and address, due date and amount to be paid.

The TS-1 comparison sheet that was sent with the tax bill in 2008 will again be mailed this year. The comparison sheet will contain the details of the tax statement.