State Democrats schedule new county chairman post election for April 4

The Indiana State Democratic Party has scheduled a new election for the Huntington County Democratic chairman position on Saturday, April 4.

The election will start at 11 a.m. at the Huntington County Democrat Party Headquarters, 20 N. Jefferson St. Fifth Congressional District Chairman Keith Clock will run the proceedings.

The election became necessary after several members of the party sent notice to the Fifth District Central Committee regarding the fact that proxies were used in the party's re-organization election on March 7, when Gary L. Snyder was elected to the position. Proxies - people given the authority to act on behalf of another individual - are not allowed during such elections.

"The cause behind it (the new election) was they used proxies - that caused the election to be invalidated," Clock said Monday, March 30.

After learning of the situation, Clock contacted the State Central Committee, which then took over jurisdiction of the matter.

"The state party took over this election," Clock said.

In a letter about Huntington's election to Democrat State Central Committee Chairman Dan Parker, Clock stated, "Evidence in the form of their meeting's minutes shows that proxies were used in the election of their chair. As you know, party rules prevent the use of proxies at re-organization meetings."

As of Monday, March 30, Clock had only received one candidacy filing. That filing came from Jim Long, the only person who opposed Snyder in the first election. Snyder was elected chair at that time.

Anyone interested in filing for the county chair position must file with District Chair Clock at least 72 hours before the election.

"They (candidacy filings) must be received by me by first class mail by Wednesday, April 1," Clock noted.

Candidacy filing can be sent to Clock at 7689 Dixon Ct., Noblesville, IN 46062.