Roanoke TC names new officers for ‘21

The Roanoke Town Council has selected a president and vice president and liaisons for 2021.

Town Council president is Dave Meitzler, vice president is Joan Abbott and liaisons are as follows: Mandy Sands, police; Nick Scheer, fire; Abbott, park; Pat Scher, utility and Meitzler, library.

The council, during its regular meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 5, renewed contracts with both Mettler Insurance Agency and Larry Davis, health insurance agent, to provide the town insurance and town employee “HRA” plan, respectively.

In unrelated business, Phil Hibbert, town superintendent, presented information on several topics.

Hibbert received approval from council to apply dollars to Community Crossing, a program that generates money for communities to use towards town projects

He said the town’s water well testing is complete, and the closure of the town’s lagoon is underway. The lagoon will be cleaned up of heavy metals that were dumped there by a former business.

Hibbert presented a $60,000 check to be used towards the bridge at the town park.

He also reported that Cardinal Creek is moving forward with building 40 homes in a new subdivision that will be located in Roanoke.

In other business:

• Councilman Scher stated that a recent traffic study conducted on Seminary Street showed no signs of a speeding problem in that location.

• The town’s utility department has a new employee, Ryan Smith.

• The park department plans to elect officers this week, and reported that they need a new member.

• The town’s police department employees are eligible to receive COVID-19 vaccines at Lutheran Hospital in Fort Wayne. The earliest date available for an appointment was Jan. 14, at the time of the council meeting.