Warren Council discusses matters

The Warren Town Council met on Monday, Nov. 9, discussing several items, such as three property reports, a payment proposal regarding the Golfo di Napoli dairy, protocols for handling COVID-19 and several department reports.

Jessica Beal, of the Huntington County Department of Community Development, as well as Brant Ricker, of the Board of Health, relayed information about 313 Matilda St., 319 Matilda St., and 218 W. 3rd St. It was reported that the porch structure at 319 Matilda St. was in need of work.

A demolition order had been previously made for the 313 Matilda St. property, which had expired. Ricker reported that there had been no improvements on the property and that it had further deteriorated. Ricker also reported that the structure at 218 W. 3rd St. had a tarp over an area of the house, but that the building was not secured and that no work had been done for some time.

Following discussion, council moved to have DCD proceed with demolition orders for both of these properties. The motion was approved unanimously.

In unrelated business, a proposal for an agreement of payment was approved, which would divide payments owed by the Golfo di Napoli dairy for the extreme loading of the wastewater treatment plant due to the lack of pretreatment. This issue was previously discussed in another council meeting. As of the Monday, Nov. 9, meeting, no response from the dairy had been heard. Council gave the dairy 30 more days to respond to the payment plan and will discuss action on nonpayment after that time.

Also submitted was notice from the diary that installation and operation of the pretreatment needed is not expected until December, which will delay their proposed compliance.

Council person Carrie Miller moved that each town employee have their temperature taken at the beginning of the day and would be required to have a temperature under 100.4 to stay at work. According to council minutes, Clerk-Treasurer Marilyn Morrison is to write a basic protocol based on Miller’s submitted documents for council review.

Morrison had several small updates for council, including the following:

• The Accounts Payable Register, which was approved by consensus, was submitted. Also submitted was the October Financial Report, which had no discussion.

• CARES Act monies have been received and deposited as previously outlined.

Fire Chief Lee Poulson stated that no update had been received about the radio grant, which had been received by entities within Huntington County. In other business:

• A timeline was submitted for next steps in the OCRA Grant, water tower project. The project must be bid by Feb. 9, 2021.

• The December Council meeting was rescheduled to Monday, Dec. 21, to allow extra time for actions necessary for the end of year.