Roanoke TC meets Nov. 3

Roanoke Town Council met on Tuesday, Nov. 3, discussing updates on the Cares Act Reimbursement for the town of Roanoke, a draft of a new ordinance and department reports.

Clerk-Treasurer Sarah Milton updated Council on the form that she had submitted on Wednesday, Oct. 28, which had been approved later that day. The full amount of $54,959 that was requested and allotted to the town of Roanoke was deposited on Monday, Nov. 2.

After discussion of the two accounting options provided by the State, Council Vice President Joan Abbott made a motion to receipt monies into the CARES fund, reverse out original expenditures, then re-posting to the CARES fund. Councilman Ryan Carroll seconded and the motion was carried.

Councilman Carroll made a motion to have the town attorney draft an ordinance in regards to signs on town property. The ordinance would prohibit signs of any kind to be posted on town property without permission. Council President Dave Meitzler seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

During department reports, Town Marshal Jim Wood requested that outdated vests for himself and Deputy Marshal Grant Baumgartner be replaced using CEDIT monies, costing an approximate $2,000. The council approved the cost, using the police department uniform budget.

Utility employee Jason Porter requested an update on hiring new employees, and President Meitzler made a motion to have Superintendent of Operations Phil Hibbert to place ads for two new utility employees. The motion was seconded by Councilman Carroll and carried.

Superintendent Hibbert received a request from Pet Haven to use the old Roanoke Town Hall for distributing pet food donations to those in need every other Tuesday evening. Council suggested they speak to the library to discuss options of holding the distribution site in that building.

In other business:

• VP Abbott moved to approve the regular meeting minutes of Tuesday, Oct. 20, as written. The motion was seconded by Councilman Carroll and carried.

• VP Abbott also moved to approve the minutes from the Tuesday, Oct. 27, executive session, as written. Councilman Carroll also seconded this motion, which carried.

• VP Abbott moved to pay bills as listed on the allowance of claims payable voucher, for $117,745.16. The motion was seconded by Councilman Carroll and was approved unanimously.