Andrews’ court date slated for Nov. 9

The Andrews Town Council met in a regular meeting on Monday, Sept. 28.

The council confirmed that a court date has been set regarding the case of water contamination the town faced this past June.

Raytheon Technologies and the Town of Andrews will both appear in court on Nov. 9. The hearing will be held in Adams County.

The meeting started off with the adoption of the 2021 budget, also known as Ordinance 2020-5. Though the state allowed for a 4.2 percent growth quotient, there were few increases made to the budget overall and no cuts were made. The council made a motion to suspend the rules for an ordinance reading and it was approved.

Eric Woodmansee, of AME Consulting, updated the council on several paving projects around the town and the costs that would be associated with the projects. Due to the projected costs for all pavement projects being nearly $20,000 over the available funding, the council proposed that certain streets be excluded or have paving cut short of their projected stopping points in order to cut costs. Woodmansee will update the projected costs for the paving projects and will bring back price updates at the next scheduled town council meeting.

In old business, council president John Harshbarger discussed further work needing to be done at 421 Clifton St., which was the topic of discussion during a Sept. 14 public hearing. During the Sept. 14 hearing, the property owners were directed to make progress on clearing and demolishing a garage on their property. After further review, it was found that a semi-trailer, which sits by the garage, needs to be taken off the property as well. Austin Bullock, of the Andrews Police Department, said they have the option of himself contacting the property owners, or contacting the Department of Community Development to have this modification made to their enforcement.

Also in old business, it was decided that Halloween events would tentatively be scheduled for 5 to 7 p.m. in Andrews on Halloween evening. This decision will be revisited during the Oct. 13 meeting due to COVID-19 updates being needed to make a final call.

It was reported that the Huntington County fire departments have received a grant, totaling just over $1 million, which will partially be used to purchase new radios. Currently there Cont. on Pg. 5 is not a date on when these new radios will arrive.

Clerk Treasurer Laury Powell gave an update on delinquent water bills within the town. As of now, the town still has seven accounts that have not taken action on their delinquent water bills and have had their water shut off. This number is down from over 30 reported at the Sept. 14 meeting. Though councilman Roger Newsome shared concerns about how well the repayment plan and contracts will work, Clerk-Treasurer Powell explained she is “sticking to the print given by the attorneys.”

In other business, the council heard a proposal to rent or lease town property for a Bluegrass concert and camping event for the weekend of July 4, 2021.

It was also proposed that some proceeds from the event be held back to improve the event grounds each year.