Four chairs, six candidates; upcoming HCCSC Board of Trustees election sees two district races

Six candidates have filed to fill four available chairs on the Huntington County Community School Corporation Board of School Trustees, resulting in races in two of the school board’s districts – one of which is between competing board members.

In District 4, Reed Christiansen, who is already a school board member from District 7, will run against District 4 incumbent Timothy E. Allen.

Huntington County Voter Registration Deputy Yvette Runkle says Christiansen is now registered in District 4, creating the competition for the seat. HCCSC bylaws allow a member who has moved from a district to finish out their term representing that district.

Christiansen says the campaign between Allen and himself will be respectful, but he still has a desire to ­­continue to serve the school corporation.

“It has nothing to do with the job Tim has done,” Christiansen says. “I think he has done an amazing job as a board member. I just still feel that with four children still currently in the school corporation I just wanted to continue and try and serve as a board member. If not elected, I’ll continue to contribute and volunteer and do whatever I can with the school corporation.”

Allen says he is aware of Christiansen’s decision to run in District 4 and does not feel threatened. He noted that he and Christiansen have become friends since serving on the school board together.

“I would never tell anybody that they shouldn’t try and run,” Allen says. “Running for public office is just hard. It takes a lot of courage and I know how difficult it is. If you’re willing to do it, I always encourage people to do it.”

Allen adds that both candidates will be good choices to represent the district.

In District 1, incumbent board member Matthew B. Melcher will be faced by challenger Jason D. Conwell.

In District 6, incumbent Kevin Yarger will retain his seat without a challenger.

In District 7, newcomer James Ryan Wall will run unopposed.

The other districts do not have open seats during the upcoming November election.

All school board positions are non-partisan, meaning there is no political party associated with candidates.