Many races in county for precinct committeemen

In an article in the Monday, May 18, edition of The TAB, it was incorrectly stated that there was only one contested race in the county for precinct committeemen, when in fact many of the races for that position are contested on the Republican side.

Candidates for the contested positions of precinct committeemen are:

Huntington 1 - Bob Lusch and John Wonderly.

Huntington 2 - Rise Buzzard* and Mike Perkins.

Huntington 3 - Shad Paul and Tyler Rosenfeld.

Huntington 4 - Troy Irick and Joyce Rethlake.

Huntington 5 - Joe Blomeke and Jim Wall*.

Huntington 6 - Kathleen (Kathy) Elmore and Stephen Geders.

Huntington 8 - Rabih Ayoub and Teddy Saunders.

Huntington 9 - Patty Burnworth and James Ryan Wall*.

Huntington 10 - Jarrod Davenriner and Jerry Meehan Jr.

Huntington 12A Tammy Kline* and Tim Savage.

Dallas 2 - Roxanne (Roxy) Gray, Julie Newsome* and Gary M. Rice.

Union - Mark Featherston, Darren Goeglein and Gary Yeiter*.

Salamonie 2 - Lois A. Deemer and Carrie M. Miller.

Early voting starts Tuesday, May 26. Election day is Tuesday, June 2.

Running unopposed for precinct committeemen are:

Huntington 1A - Gabriel J. Kirk.

Huntington 5A - Dwight Brautigam.

Huntington 6A - James (Jim) Lewis.

Huntington 7 A - Tina Stevens*.

Huntington 11 - John F. Branham.

Huntington 11A - Andy Zay*.

Huntington 12 - Ed Asher.

Jackson 1 - Stephen G. Simon*.

Jackson 2 - Zach Shearer.

Jackson 4 - Tinisha Weigelt.

Clear Creek 1 - James W. Hotchkiss.

Clear Creek 2 - Leon Hurlburt.

Warren - Jeff Rittenhouse.

Dallas 1 - Kyle Kitt*.

Lancaster - David F. Hacker.

Polk - Michael Arnold.

Wayne - Kevin C. Killen.

Jefferson - Mark D. Vickrey*.

Salamonie 1 - Brian L. Warpup.
* denotes incumbent.

The TAB regrets the error and any inconveniences it may have caused.