Andrews TC discusses delinquent water bills

The Andrews Town Council discussed delinquent utility bills at its meeting on Monday, May 11.

Clerk-Treasurer Laury Powell stated that she had not been assessing late fees for delinquent payments, because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the accompanying financial strain that some residents might be experiencing. She noted, though, that she had had discussions with other clerk-treasurers about the topic and that some had informed her they were going to resume assessing late fees. Powell informed council that she was leaning that way as well and would likely bring back late fees at the conclusion of the May billing cycle.

As for utility shutoffs due to nonpayment, Powell said that those would not be occurring, due to the fact that a state of emergency is still declared in Indiana. Once the state of emergency has been lifted, though, Powell said that the topic would be revisited.

Powell also addressed the status of the Andrews Municipal Building and whether or not it would be reopened to the public. For the time being, Powell said that she and her staff were in favor of keeping the building closed and continuing to offer a drive-up window to address citizens’ needs. Powell said that she and council could readdress the building’s opening at the next council meeting, on Monday, June 8.

Council discussed a street in town that the Huntington Countywide Department of Community Development (DCD) said needs to be renamed due to a severe angle in the road. The street in question is Wabash Avenue, which has a sharp left turn and runs down to the town’s water treatment plant. Because the turn is so sharp, DCD said that Wabash Street should end at the turn and a new street should begin. DCD also gave the town the option of turning the new street into a right of way.

The board considered new names for the street, as well as converting it to a right of way, but ultimately tabled making a decision on the matter.

In other business:
• Tim Conrad, the owner of 167 W. McKeever St., informed council that he was selling the property to James and Amber Wiist, who are buying it on land contract. James Wiist reported that he was cleaning up the property and renovating the mobile home on it.

• Council tapped DC Construction Services to perform Community Crossings Matching Grant street work in town. The board accepted the company’s bid of $175,301.