Roanoke Town Council discusses recycling

The Roanoke Town Council discussed recycling in town at its meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 4.

Resident Dick Smart inquired if a new recycling location would be established in Roanoke. The previous location had been in the town parking lot on Third Street and featured dumpsters provided by the Huntington County Commissioners. While those dumpsters were strictly for recyclable materials, and were accompanied by signage that specified that, non-recyclable items were placed in them on a regular basis, which led council to order their removal last July.

Superintendent of Operations Phil Hibbert replied that the re-establishment of a recycling site was a topic that the town would be revisiting in a couple of months. Council President Ryan Carroll added that the town’s contract with garbage collector Republic Services was up this year and that adding curbside recycling to the scope of services in the next contract was a possibility.

Hibbert reported on a variety of topics to council. Posey Hill Trailer Park, he noted, was set to be inspected by the Huntington Countywide Department of Community Development on Feb. 6. Also, 900N is going to be repaved, he said, and Vine Street would be closing once school was out. On a matter related to Roanoke Elementary School, Hibbert said that the school’s flashers were still not working.

Additionally, Hibbert stated that he had requested quotes for the replacement of the roof at Roanoke Town Hall.

Council unsealed bids for street improvement projects slated for this year. Of the three bids received by council, the lowest was submitted by Wayne Asphalt and totaled $1,188,980. The board moved to accept that bid, pending a review by engineering firm DLZ.

In other business:

The board appointed former councilman Dave Tucker to the Emergency Management Agency Advisory Board.

Clerk-Treasurer Sarah Milton stated that she had updated the town’s credit card policy and would be presenting it to council for a review and vote at its next meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 18.