Andrews council hears about 'major cleanup' at MHP

The Andrews Town Council received an update on the cleanup process at Antioch Mobile Home Park during its meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 12.

Marla Stambazze, of the Huntington Countywide Department of Community Development (DCD), reported that “major cleanup” had occurred at the park, which is located at 200 Wabash Ave. Since July, an order of enforcement has been hanging over the park, obligating its owner, Brian Salerno, to remove several mobile homes deemed by DCD to be unfit for habitation.

While none of the mobile homes have been removed yet, said Stambazze, Salerno has been in contact with businesses about completing that task. Salerno noted that he estimated the units would be gone within the next few weeks.

A total of seven mobile homes will be removed. Another unit, for which demolition loomed, has received repairs. The park’s maintenance building will also be repaired, said Salerno. Another structure, a shed, will be examined by Town Marshal Austin Bullock, who will then make a recommendation to Salerno regarding its salvageability.

Salerno’s deadline to complete the cleanup process was Nov. 12, but council resolved to give him until the end of the year to finish it, so long as he continues to make steady progress. The board warned Salerno that if his progress waned, it would step in to complete the project at his expense.

On another matter, Stambazze informed council that DCD’s executive director, Amy Gibson, had been terminated earlier that day. Kim Hostetler will serve as the department’s interim executive director, she said.

Council voted to have AME Consulting solicit bids for Community Crossings Matching Grant repaving work on Hendricks Street. The board had originally hoped to repave Leedy Lane as well, but discovered that it is not owned by the town. Huntington County owns that street, said Council President Bill Johnson, as well as a portion of California Street. Johnson stated that he and Clerk-Treasurer Laura Dillon had visited the Huntington County commissioners earlier that day and got the ball rolling on the town taking ownership of the streets. After a joint resolution between the town and commissioners is signed, explained Johnson, the streets will enter the town’s possession.

Johnson also delivered an update on the McKeever Street stormwater project. The stormwater line that will be installed as part of that project will now go in under the street, rather than near the sidewalk. The change, said Johnson, is because of the number of objects, like fiber optic cables and gas lines, that are already underneath the sidewalk. Because of the change, McKeever Street will go down to one lane at various points during the project.