Andrews TC changes grant administrator

As the Andrews Town Council prepares to pursue a grant that would fund the installation of stormwater infrastructure in town, it announced that it would be using a different grant administrator than it had during previous grant pursuits.

The board stated at its meeting on Monday, March 11, that it would be moving forward with Kleinpeter Consulting Group LLC as the grant administrator for the town’s hunt for a community development block grant through the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs (OCRA). If the town is ultimately awarded a grant, council will use it to build a stormwater system on McKeever Street from Leedy Lane to the bridge over Loon Creek.

Region 3A served as the town’s grant administrator on two previous pursuits of community development block grants. Matt Brinkman, Region 3A’s executive director, appeared before council and requested that it give his organization another opp- ortunity to help the town secure the grant. Brinkman offered to lower his organization’s fee to five percent of the grant total. OCRA, noted Brinkman, permits grant administrators to ask for up to eight percent of a grant.

Council declined Brinkman’s offer. The board expressed displeasure that when Region 3A served as the grant administrator for the town’s two previous pursuits of community development block grants, it missed the application deadline both times.

“This delay has really hampered this particular council’s ability to do the things that it wanted to do,” said Council President Bill Johnson.

While the board acknowledged that shortcomings by the town’s engineering firm contributed to Region 3A missing the first deadline, it placed the blame for the second missed deadline solely on Region 3A.

Despite not rehiring Region 3A for this particular grant application process, council stated that it would consider working with Region 3A again in the future. The board noted that the organization had performed its grant-administration duties well on the Andrews-Dallas Township Public Library expansion project and on the town’s wastewater treatment plant project.

On behalf of council, Johnson will sign a service contract will Kleinpeter Consulting Group. He stated that he would sign the pact after a question about an income survey was answered. An income survey is required as part of the grant application process and the board wants to determine if a townwide survey that it had conducted last year would be acceptable to OCRA or if it needed to conduct another survey, focused solely on the area of town where the proposed stormwater system would be installed.