HU students winning among 'big boys' at BEA Festival of MA

At the recent Broadcast Education Association (BEA) Festival of Media Arts, Huntington University took second place in overall awards, and brought home three Best of Festival awards.

With 15 total awards, Huntington University is the smallest school by population to make the top five awarded schools list. The top five awarded universities included Arizona State University, 22 awards; Huntington University, 15 awards; a tie between the University of Oklahoma and Missouri State University, 14 awards each; Liberty University, nine awards; and Pennsylvania State University, eight  awards.

This year’s competition included over 1,500 student entries from more than 300 universities around the world. Of the 11 awards HU students claimed included the first ever Best of Festival award for Huntington University Arizona with Stephen Davis’ narrative pie-ce “Motions.” Caitlyn Chase received a best of festival award for her animated work “Pig Tails,” and Jonathon Kane and James Ehle received the award for their narr-ative “The Concourse.”

“Landing three best of festival awards along with the other 12 top awards in film, animation and broadcasting at the BEA festival of the arts is an incredible achievement,” said Dr. Lance Clark, associate dean of the arts and professor of digital media arts at Huntington University. “I’m reminded how blessed we are to have such excellent faculty and students in our DMA program, both in Huntington and now at our Arizona Center.”

The university’s digital media arts department encompasses film, broadcasting and animation.

The full list of awards and additional information is available online at turns-to-the-bea-festival with-even-more-wins.