Roanoke council discusses variety of topics at recent meet

The Roanoke Town Council discussed a variety of topics at its meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 4.

Supervisor of Operations Phil Hibbert recommended that the town purchase a thumb attachment for the utility department’s backhoe. Hibbert stated that the attachment would be an asset to the department’s employees, enabling them to use the backhoe for tasks that they currently have to do manually.

He presented two quotes for the attachment, with council approving one submitted by Ayers Machinery for $9,750.

Hibbert also proposed that council start having Storz couplings installed on fire hydrants in town. He noted that the coupling would expedite the process of attaching hoses to hydrants. The couplings cost $154 per unit. The board took Hibbert’s suggestion under advisement.

Councilman John Stoeckley reported that the town’s request for $60,000 in CEDIT funds for new bridges at Roanoke Park had been approved by the Huntington County Commissioners. Hibbert added that the town also has a $28,000 grant to be put toward the project from the Roanoke Beautification Foundation.

In other business:

— Hibbert stated that the Indiana Department of Environmental Management would be contacting the town next week about its mandate that the town close a contaminated lagoon at the wastewater treatment plant.

— Assistant Utility Superintendent Eric Parker reported that the town’s fifth well would be repaired next week.

— Council approved a new employee healthcare plan through PHP, which was presented by Larry Davis from The Source.