School board hears district’s e-Learning plan for future

Members of the Huntington County Community School Corporation Board of School Trustees nodded during their regular meeting Monday, July 23, as they heard about a plan to keep students in learning mode during inclement weather and snow days.

Assistant Superintendent for Instruction Chad Daugherty outlined the district’s e-Learning plan, which allows teachers at all grades to post lessons that students can access online, even if school is called off for the day.

The plan has been in the works for a couple of years, Daugherty said. On May 12, Daugherty met with a group of kindergarten through 12th grade teachers to come up with a plan to get lessons online by 9 a.m. on snow days – also called “flex days” or “inclement weather days.”

 “In order to be approved for the e-Learning day, is you have to take a plan and it has to be approved by the state,” Daugherty explained. “What does that entail? You have to watch a lot of videos, you have to insure that all of your students will have access to Internet and access to learning.”

Students will be required to produce some kind of work on their iPads and computers, whether it be a video, audio report or some other work.

“When they did send those iPads home we wanted them to send them home because they were purposeful,” he added. “That is something that the parents are going to have to then monitor as well.

Daugherty said the district wants to see the e-Learning days used for professional development. An e-Learning day may be planned or unplanned (such as inclement weather days). During planned e-Learning days computer labs can be made accessible to students, as well as accommodations for special education students. Students will also be able to download e-Learning content before they go home the day before a planned e-Learning day.

On unplanned e-Learning days teachers must have content and lessons ready at a moment’s notice and posted on the Canvas platform by 9 a.m., Daugherty said. They must also plan for students who don’t have WiFi access and send them home with the necessary materials the night before, if possible. That material will be a continuation of the lessons they’ve learned in school the previous day.

Expectations of an e-Learning day include 30 minutes of math work, 30 minutes of language arts work (writing and reading) and 20 minutes of a scheduled impact subject for each elementary grade level, with built-in “brain breaks.” Students will have three instructional days to complete assignments.

Teachers will also have designated office hours at the school to address students’ questions and a tech hotline will need to be implemented to troubleshoot technology issues students may have.

Daugherty also said that students who do not produce work on an e-Learning day will be considered truant.
There are five built-in inclement weather days in the HCCSC calendar for the 2018-19 school year.

In other business, the board approved the textbook rental fees for the 2018-19 school year. Board members Matt Roth and Gary McClellan were absent.

Text rental fee costs will remain the same as last year for all grades. Kindergarten and elementary school fees are $153.06 and fees are at a maximum of $316.73 at the middle school level. Included in those fees is $75 in technology fees for elementary students for iPads and $175 in technology fees for Macbook computers for secondary students.

A bid of $1,290,472 to replace the roof at Crestview Middle School was approved, hiring Millwood Roofing & Construction, Inc. to do the work, which includes metal roofing.

The board also approved hiring Malcom Jones as an additional uniformed security officer at the high school.