Water main on portion of Roanoke street needs to be replaced soon

The Roanoke Town Council learned that the water main on a portion of Fifth Street needs to be replaced during its meeting on Tuesday, July 17.

Phil Hibbert, the town’s supervisor of operations, reported the news to council. Hibbert learned about the poor condition of the main on July 11 when E&B Paving, which was reconstructing Fifth Street, notified him of a break. Hibbert described the main as an old cast-iron pipe that is crumbling.

The section of Fifth Street where the main needs to be replaced runs between Main and Seminary streets. Council Vice President Troy Karshner inquired if the installation of a liner in the pipe would remedy the problem, but Hibbert replied that the pipe was too degraded.

Hibbert stated that the tentative cost of replacing the main would be around $80,000, per a verbal quote he had received from Bercot Excavating.

“It’s a big number, but the last thing I want to do is dig up a street in a year,” he said, contending that the town should replace the main now, before the street was reconstructed.

Council gave Hibbert permission to move forward with making plans to have a new main put in. Hibbert noted that he would get the Bercot quote in writing and request that the costs of the project be presented in an itemized format.

Hibbert also reported that the reconstruction process on Seventh Street had revealed that the sanitary sewer line needed to be replaced. Hibbert had E&B Paving replace the line, then finish the reconstruction. He presented a bill for $33,477.15 to council, which it agreed to pay.