Resident concerned about thefts occuring in Roanoke

A Roanoke resident raised concerns about theft in town at the Roanoke Town Council meeting on Tuesday, July 3.

Rick Hartley, a resident of the Roanoke Village subdivision, remarked that he had been a victim of theft on multiple occasions, with items being stolen from his garage. Council Vice President Troy Karshner echoed his concerns, noting that a neighbor’s security camera had recorded footage of an individual on his property one night. In response to that, Karshner stated that he had installed security devices on his property and encouraged Hartley and other residents to do the same, to deter burglars.

Hartley inquired if increasing the police presence in town at night was a possibility and council did not rule it out.

In other business:

• Stephanie McKibben, of the Roanoke Chamber of Commerce, introduced council to the chamber’s new part-time employee, Alyssa Alaimo. In her short time with the chamber, McKibben explained that Alaimo had worked on a 5,000-piece mailer, performed graphic design work, increased the chamber’s social media presence and more.

• Council President Dave Tucker reported that the cost for a package including a paving saw, plate compactor and water pump for the utility department would be $4,503. He noted that two more quotes were forthcoming. Tucker also stated that he would be purchasing a water heater for the concession stand at Roanoke Park. He noted that he would buy the unit for $299 on Thursday.