Claus-Septer go for GOP clerk position

Rena Claus (left) and Shelley Septer.
Rena Claus (left) and Shelley Septer. Photos provided.

Two candidates have thrown their hat into the ring to become the next Huntington County Circuit Court Clerk. Rena E. Claus and Shelley Septer will appear on the Republican ballot on the May 8 primary.

The candidates were each asked the question, “Why are you seeking, or seeking to retain, this office? If you are elected, what do you hope to accomplish?”

Rena E. Claus
Claus, 33, resides at 8097W-700S-35, in LaFontaine. She is employed as a sales project coordinator at Our Sunday Visitor.

She graduated from Huntington North High School in 2002 and from Colorado Tech University in 2017. She is a member of Northview Church of Christ.

Claus does not have any previous political experience.

She responded to the questions by saying, “I would like to work more closely with the community. I would like to continue to build the relationship between the Clerk’s Office and the community.

“I have worked in the community of Huntington County for the past 10 years at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. During my employment I had the opportunity to get to know the people of Huntington County. I enjoyed daily conversation with them, I witnessed family loss, as many needed to drop loved ones off titles, or divorce, families uniting through marriage and adoption, the excitement of a new driver in the family and struggles of individuals that had difficulties passing the test. Then finally being able to celebrate when they passed.

“I have mourned and celebrated with this community. Eventually I became a source for information for the community as I was thoroughly educated in the policies and procedures of the BMV. People relied on my experience and knowledge so much that I would receive calls after business hours, in Walmart, and at other social events. I have always remained kind and helpful.

“I would like the community to recognize those efforts and know that I will continue to be as helpful and informative to them in the position of Circuit Court Clerk.

“If elected into this position I will continue the efforts already made by the current employees and evaluate where improvements can be made. One suggestion of improvement that I see that already needs help is the website. I feel that it can be more informative to the community to better assist the community.

“I ask the community to allow me to prove to them once more that I support them and want to be involved in their lives through the celebratory times and the difficult times. I will be there to help in any way that I can.”

Shelley Malone Septer
Septer, 51, resides at 631 E. Tipton St., Huntington. She is employed as vice president of government accounts for Eagle Accounts Group.

Septer graduated from Huntington North High School, has taken some college courses and has earned several professional certifications, she noted.

She has no previous political experience.

Septer is the daughter of former Huntington County Circuit Court Clerk Anne Malone, and working in the local clerk’s office was her first job after high school, she points out. She later worked in the Allen County Circuit Court clerk’s office before moving over to the private sector.

Septer is also the granddaughter of former clerk Willard Hildebrand.

Septer founded Backpacks of Hope in honor of her late son, John “Zachery” Septer. It is an organization which distributes backpacks filled with food and essential living items to the homeless and those in need.

She has also has been an officer with the Indiana Child Support Alliance.

Septer said she feels her previous experience serving people and her work history have given her a good background for the clerk position.

“I love Huntington and I want to give back, and this is the perfect position for me to give back,” she says.