Roanoke council told about needed purchases, repairs and replacements

Department representatives filled in the Roanoke Town Council on a variety of items that need to be purchased, replaced or repaired at the board’s meeting on Tuesday, April 3.

Ryan Carroll, a firefighter with the Roanoke Volunteer Fire Department, informed council that the department was obtaining quotes for generators and water softeners. Carroll noted that a generator would be a major asset at the fire station, which has no alternative power source during power outages, such as the one the Roanoke area experienced earlier that day.

Additionally, Carroll reported that a water heater had been purchased and installed at the fire station. He also informed council that Supervisor of Operations Phil Hibbert was in ongoing contact with AT&T regarding equipment that the telecommunications provider had installed atop a water tower in town that limited the range of the fire department’s repeater.

Bob Scott, park department employee, passed along to the board that the park’s Gator utility vehicle was currently out of commission. Scott stated that it was very important the Gator get repaired soon, as he uses it on a daily basis. As for the cause of the Gator’s malfunctioning, Scott cited a coolant leak.

Assistant Utility Superintendent Eric Parker related to council that a new valve was needed at the water plant. He noted that he had begun looking into prices.