Security cameras to be installed at Roanoke Park

In response to recent vandalism, security cameras will be installed at Roanoke Park, the Roanoke Town Council learned at its meeting on Tuesday, March 6.

Town Marshal Jim Wood informed the board that a total of eight cameras would be installed in the park for a cost of $250.

As for the vandalism in the park – spray paint – park employee Bob Scott noted that he had nearly all of it cleaned up.
Supervisor of Operations Phil Hibbert stated that he was going to start soliciting bids for repairs to the town’s wastewater treatment plant. Parkson Corporation, a company with expertise in municipal wastewater, assessed the plant in December and concluded that it needed $26,000 worth of repairs.

Hibbert updated council on the status of the malfunctioning mixers from the town’s water towers. The devices, which are tasked with circulating the contents of the towers, are still at the manufacturer and have not been repaired yet, due to a backlog of work in the company’s laboratory.

Hibbert stated that the towers should be fine without the mixers, as the coldest winter weather had passed and it was no longer critical to have the water in the towers circulated to prevent freezing. Earlier in the year, Hibbert had the towers’ water level fluctuated to stop freezing.

In other business:

Fleis & VandenBrink, the town’s engineering firm for street improvement projects this year, signed off on a bid from E&B Paving to perform the work. Hibbert noted that E&B was hoping to get started on the projects in early April.

Council accepted a bid from Todd Inc. for $14,265 to perform mowing services at Roanoke Park this year.