GOP circuit court judge race draws most attention for primary election

The field is set for this year’s primary election on May 8.

A number of local offices drew interest from multiple Republican candidates.

Of those offices, the one to attract the most candidates was circuit court judge, which features four Republican hopefuls. In that race, incumbent Jamie Groves will face challengers Jill M. Denman, Davin Glen Smith and Justin R. Wall.

Groves was appointed to the office by Gov. Eric Holcomb this past December to fill the remainder of Judge Thomas M. Hakes’ term.

Three GOP candidates are seeking the office of county auditor. Those contenders are Cheryl DeWeese Baldridge, Jill M. Landrum and Donald D. Schoeff Sr.

The offices of circuit court clerk and county recorder each attracted two candidates. Republicans Rena E. Claus and Shelley Malone Septer will face off in the race for clerk while Joe Blomeke and Vicki Pearson will compete for the GOP nod for recorder.

The 4th District seat on the Huntington County Council is contested, with incumbent Don Davenriner facing a challenge from fellow Republican Kittie Keiffer.

In Huntington Township, there are races for trustee and the three seats on the township board. Everett “EJ” Carroll and Carl Knowles are both seeking the GOP nomination for trustee; John L. Baker, Tammy Kline and Dane P. Owens are seeking to retain their positions on the board by securing the Republican nods, while Tim Guy and John Paff are looking to snag two of those seats.

In Warren Township, there are four Republican candidates pursuing the township board’s three seats. That race features Carl Zinsmeister and incumbents Angie Landrum, Lee J. Schmalzried and Jack G. Sell.

For the Democrats, the only contested local race is for the position of Huntington 4 precinct committeeman. Voters will have a choice between Gary A. Beatty and Marvin R. McNew Sr.

At the state level, the District 19 senate seat is contested, with incumbent Travis Holdman facing a challenge for the Republican nod from Eric Orr.

On the federal front, there is a three-man race to be the GOP candidate for the state’s U.S. Senate seat that is up for grabs this election cycle. That race features Mike Braun, Luke Messer and Todd Rokita.

Staying on the federal level, there are three candidates vying to be the Democratic nominee for the Third District seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. Those candidates are John F. Roberson, Tommy A. Schrader and Courtney Tritch.

The following candidates are running unopposed in the primary election:

U.S. Representative, Third District
Jim Banks. *

State Senator, District 17
Andy Zay. *

State Representative, District 50
Daniel J. “Dan” Leonard. *

Prosecuting Attorney
Amy C. Richison. *

County Sheriff
Christian E. Newton.

County Surveyor
Jay D. Poe. *

County Assessor
Terri L. Boone. *

County Commissioner, First District
Rob Miller. *

County Council, First District
Todd M. Landrum. *

County Council, Second District
Kendall Mickley. *

County Council, Third District
Raymond Keith Eller. *

Jackson Township Trustee
Sheila Hines. *

Jackson Township Board Members (3)
Wayne M. Fox. *
Larry G. Lahr. *
Steve Thomas. *

Clear Creek Township Trustee
Jay R. Hammel. *

Clear Creek Township Board Members (3)
Eldon L. Bruner. *
Richard W. Michel. *
Roger L. Warner. *

Dallas Township Trustee
Julie Newsome. *

Dallas Township Board Members (3)
Kyle Kitt.
Eric J. Powell. *
Katherine M. Yoder.

Warren Township Trustee
Kathy Morton. *

Union Township Board Members (3)
William B. Armfield.
Ron Goetz. *
Neil R. Kline. *

Lancaster Township Trustee
Thomas J. Allred. *

Lancaster Township Board Members (3)
Linda S. Couch. *
Richard D. Keiffer. *
Terry W. Updike. *

Jefferson Township Trustee
David Keller. *

Jefferson Township Board Members (3)
Jon S. Smith. *
Mark D. Vickrey. *

Polk Township Trustee
Gary Miller. *

Polk Township Board Members (3)
Renee Eisenhauer. *
Angie Tyner. *
Matt Tyner. *

Wayne Township Trustee
Ashley Tinkle. *

Wayne Township Board Members (3)
Kevin C. Killen. *

State Convention Delegates At-Large (13)
Andy Zay.
Terry L. Miller.
Carrie M. Miller.
Jim Wall.
Tinisha Weigelt.
Rise Buzzard.
Larry D. Buzzard.
Nancy Weigelt.
(* denotes incumbent)

U.S. Senator
Joe Donnelly

State Senator, District 17
Gary L. Snyder.

State Representative, District 50
Jorge Fernandez.

Precinct Committeeman, Huntington 1
William R. Oswalt.

Precinct Committeeman, Huntington 5
Doyle Krieg.

Precinct Committeeman, Huntington 5A
Richard Douglas Mills.

Precinct Committeeman, Huntington 6
Patricia McCloskey.

Precinct Committeeman, Jackson 3
Roxanna Lucas Murray.

Precinct Committeeman, Clear Creek 1
Paul Brammer.

State Convention Delegates At-Large (8)
Doyle Krieg.
Patricia McCloskey.
Paul Brammer.
Roxanna Lucas Murray.
Kevin G. Murray.
Marvin R. McNew Sr.
Gary L. Snyder.
Richard Douglas Mills.