Youth serving as 4-H club officers can attend Officer Training Workshop

Huntington County 4-H youth who are serving as an officer of their local 4-H club or are interested in serving in an elected officer position are encouraged to participate in the County 4-H Club Officer Training Workshop on April 22, at Heritage Hall, Hier's Park.

The workshop will be conducted by members of the Purdue University Collegiate 4-H Club and will involve attendees participating in a variety of learning activities to better understand the roles and responsibilities of club officers.

Individual 4-H officer classes will include presidents, vice-presidents, treasurers, secretaries, news reporters, health and safety reporters, and song and recreation leaders.

Reservations for this training workshop need to be submitted to the county extension office through 4-H Club volunteer leaders no later than Thursday, April 15.

For more information about this workshop, contact Purdue Extension - Huntington County Office, County Annex Building, 354 N. Jefferson St., Suite 202 or call 358-4826.