Knowles announces for Hgtn. Twp. trustee

Carl Knowles

Huntington resident Carl Knowles has announced his intention to run for Huntington Township Trustee when current Trustee Tim Guy steps down after his term ends next year.

Knowles, a Republican, placed his hat in the ring after meeting with Guy several times and expressing his eagerness to “continue moving Huntington Township in the right direction.”

He cites being in printing management for 25 years among his qualifications for the job.

“I feel really comfortable that I know how to manage people and work with people. I think I do that through some good listening skills,” he says. “I have a lot of passion for helping people get back on their feet, so assisting them in any way I can is probably the biggest responsibility the trustee has.”

Knowles is currently employed with Fort Wayne Printing and formerly owned a small screen printing business in Huntington. He graduated from Homestead High School in 1984 and majored in production art and technical illustration at Phoenix Institute of Technology and Purdue University. He is a former member of the Professional Bowlers Association and a freelance sports writer. He has also served as a small group leader, church deacon and an advisory board member for area churches.
Providing fire protection for the township and maintaining the township’s one fire station is another of Knowles’ priorities if he is elected trustee.

“I would like to, at some point, maybe create another volunteer fire station on the west side of town,” he says.

Knowles hopes he can also “mend the fence” in what he calls is a divide between the city firefighters and the township.

“For a long time the township would give the city some money and lean on them to do the fire protection,” he says. “There’s some controversial stuff that’s happening, too, with this current administration. … The support I’m getting is to keep the taxes low, and man it with a volunteer station.”

Knowles also says he wants to clean up and improve Lake Clare, bringing back the business of public swimming.

“Like many people in this community, I have fond memories of family swim time at Lake Clare,” he adds.

Knowles is married to JoDeane Knowles, and has a daughter, Eileen Nicola.

Huntington County Voter Registration and Election Deputy Pam Fowler says so far, no candidate for Huntington Township Trustee has formed an exploratory committee, which would allow them to accept campaign donations. Candidates for office can file their candidacy with the county clerk’s office beginning Jan. 10, with the last day to file on Feb. 9.

Indiana’s primary election will be held May 8.