SWCD will help pay for cover crops, native plants

The Huntington County Soil and Water Conservation District is sponsoring a cost share program for native/prairie plantings and for cover crops.

The native/prairie plantings program will promote the seeding of native plants to provide wildlife habitat areas and help to increase water infiltration and reduce pesticide and nutrient applications.

Cover crops seeding will help improve soil health, prevent soil erosion, condition the soil and improve soil infiltration rates.

Cost share amounts for cover crops seedings and native/prairie plantings will be:

• Cover crops planted – maximum of 100 acres per producer.

• Native/prairie seeding – maximum of 1 acre per producer.

Producers will need to follow NRCS seeding dates and rates for cover crops.

The cost share program is limited to land areas in Huntington County only. Preference will be given to projects on lands not eligible for other state and federal cost-share programs and for first-time applicants for SWCD cost share programs. Cost share funds are limited.

Applications and guidelines for the cost share program can be picked up at the SWCD Office, 2040 Riverfork Drive, Huntington, or downloaded at www.huntingtonswcd.org.