ACRES, OLVM strike land deal

ACRES Land Trust and Our Lady of Victory Missionary Sisters have closed on the sale of 107 acres of prairie and forest at the Victory Noll motherhouse in Huntington, preserving the land from development.

The closing took place June 6, and follows an announcement made by OLVM a year ago that it planned to partner with ACRES to preserve the land.

The land, which will be known as Victory Noll Acres, features oaks, maples and sycamores, as well as steep ravines and rolling prairie areas. The property is on the top of a bluff overlooking the Wabash River valley, with the edge of the bluff forming the original bank of the river, first carved out by the rushing waters of a melting glacier.

The Victory Noll Acres preserve is currently closed.

For more information on the OLVM and ACRES preservation efforts, see OLVM.