Novae Parkway bids come in under anticipated cost of $655K

Three bids were opened at the Markle Town Council meeting on Wednesday, April 19, with some good news for local taxpayers.

The bids, which were submitted for work on Novae Parkway between Tower Road and CR 50, all came in at under the anticipated cost of $655,000 with a 50/50 matching grant.

The council accepted the low bid of $520,355 from Brooks Construction. Councilman Rick Bower was absent.

“It’s going to be a complete reconstruction of the roadway,” said Jay Stankiewicz, senior staff engineer of the firm JPR. “It will go all the way down to the subgrade, build it back up with stone and asphalt and widen it to 13 feet of pavement, 12-foot travel lanes and one-foot shoulders and do some grading beyond the shoulders.”

In addition, some of the drive approaches will be improved, Stankiewicz added.

Construction is expected to begin after July 4.

On another issue, Stankiewicz said he will work with Town Superintendent Rick Asher to prepare for the next Community Crossings projects and select the streets that will have curbs reworked to meet ADA standards, after pending legislation is approved. That decision is expected to be made in July or August.

The council also approved a stop sign to be placed at a three-way intersection inside Skyline Village Apartments, after the manager, Connie Rea, asked for a sign to make the intersection safer.

“People are coming down from the antique mall, Wayne Metals, and they’re coming around that curve and they’re speeding down it to Tracy Street,” she said.
Asher noted that Countryside Drive has the right-of-way at that intersection. He suggested the town give the apartment complex one of the old stop signs it has in storage.

“I don’t see a problem with the sign. I think that’s a good idea,” said Council President Jeff Humbarger.

Rea also asked for an additional safety light in the walk park to illuminate an area she said is pitch black at night. Asher and Town Marshal John Markley said they would go and look at the area to see what can be done.

In other business, following a required public hearing in which no comments were made, councilmen also approved an ordinance for disannexation of a property in the Tax Increment Financing (TIF) district owned by J&L Enterprises and approved a resolution to annex a portion of Novae’s parking lot in order to even up the property lines.

Town Attorney Mike Hartburg said the annexation ordinance will be up for adoption at the next regular meeting on May 17.

Councilmen also unanimously approved an ordinance on its first reading to include phosphorus in the Code of Ordinances regarding wastewater treatment, setting a monthly average of 1 milligram per liter and a daily maximum of 5 milligrams per liter.

“This has to do with phosphorus coming into our wastewater plant, and the need to try to reduce the levels that are coming in,” Humbarger said.

Wastewater Superintendent Scott Spahr said he would send a letter to two businesses in town which send the  bulk of phosphorus into the wastewater about the need to limit the amount of phosphorus.

Another ordinance was approved to appropriate $693,212 not originally appropriated in the annual budget for local road and bridge matching grant funds.