Love INC ready to help victims of March 8 fire

Love in the Name of Christ of Huntington County has announced that it is available to help the victims of the March 8 fires in the areas of food, clothing and small household items.

Affected residents who need emergency food assistance should call the Love INC office to schedule an appointment for food pick-up.

Those who are in need of clothing or household items can call the office and will be assisted, free of charge, as soon as possible.

The community has donated items, which will be available exclusively to the fire victims until April 15. At that time, the donations will go into Love INC’s “Covered with Love” low-cost clothing and household items store.

Fire victims will still be able to receive assistance after that date free of charge; the items will simply be circulated with the store’s other donations.

This type of assistance is available to anyone who suffers from an emergency such as a fire or flood.

Love in the Name of Christ is located at 715 Byron St., in Huntington. Call the office at 356-0933 for more information.