School hours return to usual today

Today, area parents will pick up their students a bit earlier from school, and buses will be dropping students off at home earlier, too.

Huntington County Community School students return to their normal schedule for dismissal today, Monday, May 19.

For the last 47 school days, adding up to more than nine weeks of school, students have been attending school for an extra hour each day.

The hour was added to assist in making up a slew of snow days accumulated during the snowier-than-normal winter we saw in Huntington County.

School ended up being canceled due to inclement weather 14 days this year, which would have left school ending in the middle of June had the extra hour not been approved and added to the schedule.

"It went tremendously well," says HCCSC Superintendent Tracey Shafer.

"And I say that, not because everything was easy, but because everyone - parents, teachers, students - made it work. It was a great community effort."

Students are busy wrapping up the school year, with the last student day slated for Thursday, May 29 and the last teacher day scheduled for Friday, May 30.

Huntington North High School's graduation ceremony will follow on Friday, June 6.