Wajer’s job is to cut clutter and keep city looking good

Greg Wajer is the new city ordinance officer for Huntington.
Greg Wajer is the new city ordinance officer for Huntington. Photo by Lauren Winterfeld.

Greg Wajer is Huntington's new city ordinance officer.

He took over the reigns four weeks ago, and he says he has been busy learning the job.

"This is all brand new to me," he says. "I am former military, and law enforcement always kind of intrigued me.

"This opportunity came about and its something that just piqued my interest. I've been trying to figure it out as we go."

Wajer says the department is currently working on 70 to 80 properties "that have a lot of clutter and trash - old junk cars, parts - stuff like that piled up on them."

In addition, it is his job to respond to all citizen complaints about things like abandoned cars and other neighborhood nuisances.

"Grass is starting to grow," he says. "I'm the guy who gets to take care of all the grass violations, too."

Wajer, who has lived in Huntington for 12 years, says following city ordinances is important.

"It just takes a little bit of time and effort, and it's going to help make Huntington look better," he says.

Police Chief EJ Carroll adds, "We're taking more of a proactive approach, instead of reactive. It's something we are going to continue to do."

To report an ordinance or an abandoned vehicle complaint, call 356-7110.

When filing a complaint, the following information is needed to help assist the ordinance officer: a street address, description of the violation and description of the vehicle, along with license plate (if applicable).

More information about city ordinances can be found online at www.hunt ington.in.us by selecting "Ordinance" in the drop down menu, located under the heading "Huntington Police Department" under the "City" heading.