Ecolab Foundation grants will fund projects in many Huntington County classrooms

The Ecolab Foundation Visions for Learning program has awarded 15 grants totaling more than $30,000 to several Huntington County Community School Corporation teachers.

The foundation, an arm of Ecolab, provides grants to educators in communities where Ecolab facilities are located.

This year's recipients include:

• Roanoke Elementary, $1,090 to Jennifer Colvard for kits to study rocks and simple machines.

• Riverview Middle School, $3,000 to Brandi Cross and Blake Childs for Follett eBooks, Scholastic books and general supplies.

• Huntington North High School, $341 to Michele Santa for a hallway chalkboard.

• Crestview Middle School, $3,000 to John Wenning for a classroom keyboard.

• Huntington North High School, $1,940 to Paige Humphries for Ward's Forensic Curriculum - activity sets 1 & 2.

• Huntington North High School, $1,090 to Valerie Riddle, Beth Beery and Emily Hoff for street fair project materials, display boards, groceries, decorations and a Spanish video.

• Riverview Middle School, $2,970 to Deb Daugherty for K'nex amusement park models.

• Crestview Middle School, $2,975 to Kristin Amor for Spanish books.

• Riverview Middle School, $1,290 to Whitney Durrwachter for Spanish books (two classroom sets).

• Riverview Middle School, $2,890 to Christina Morris and Lisa Nightingale to refresh supplies for backpack labs.

• Huntington North High School, $540 to Joe Haft to upgrade power tools for sculpture projects.

• Riverview Middle School, $2,830 to Denise King, Brian Abbot and Courtney McClure for Readbox (shelves, a cart and reading books for students).

• Horace Mann Preschool, $2,835 to Cheryl English for preschool reading materials.

• Lancaster Elementary, $1,225 to Jeanne Paff for Raz-Kids reading program.

• Roanoke Elementary, $2,435 to Mary Gradeless for 243 classroom books.