Local 4-H’ers rise to top in several livestock shows at state fair

Huntington County 4-H'ers rose to the top of the swine, rabbit, sheep and horse and pony shows at the Indiana State Fair, according to the latest results released by state fair officials.

In the Sheep Show, Ty Miller had the champion Oxford ewe as well as the supreme champion ewe at the state fair.

Dalaney Vickrey brought home a multitude of awards from the State Fair Swine Show.

Vickrey had the champion Chester White barrow, champion Yorkshire gilt, the reserve grand champion 4-H gilt and the third, fourth, fifth and sixth place 4-H overall barrows.

Kelsey Bauer had the champion Landrace gilt and champion Yorkshire barrow as well as third, fourth, fifth and sixth place 4-H overall barrows.

Jackson Johnson took both champion and reserve honors in the senior showman competition for swine.

In the State Fair Rabbit Show, Kayla Patrick had the champion single fryer and champion meat pen.

Merisa Walter showed the reserve champion meat pen, as well as the champion stewer.

Walter also had the champion roaster, with Andrea Shriner showing the reserve champion roaster.

Kaitlyn Drayer was named champion English hunter and saddle type mare over 56 inches in the Horse and Pony Show.

Savanna Stoltz was reserve champion in hunt seat equitation on the flat, senior exhibitor.

Here are the most recent state fair results for Huntington County 4-H'ers:

Caleb Smart, adult short hair cat, merit award.

Jessie Earhart, formal wear, honor award.

Madison Phillips, separates, honor award.

Samantha Roller and Abby Blocker, suit or coat, both blue ribbons.

Barrel races - Riley Dillion, 43rd place.

Flag races - Zachary Shearer, fifth place; Allie Bennett, sixth place; and Riley Dillion, 14th place.

Keyhole races - Allie Bennett, eighth place.

Pole bending - Madison Wajer, seventh place; Allie Bennett, seventh place; and Riley Dillion, 58th place.
English hunt seat equitation on the flat - Kaitlyn Drayer, eighth place; Cora Hill, sixth place; and Savanna Stoltz, second place.

English showmanship at halter - Kaitlyn Drayer, sixth place.

Zachary Tolen, intermediate, 23rd place.

Than Stafford, junior, 21st place.

Californian - Merisa Walter, first place and two eighth places.

Dwarf Hotot - Benjamin Shriner, fifth place; and Andrea Shriner, sixth place.

Single Fryer - Kayla Patrick - first place and champion; Andrea Shriner, ninth place; and Benjamin Shriner, 12th place.

Harlequin - Benjamin Shriner, second place.

Hotot - Andrea Shriner, two first place awards; and Benjamin Shriner, second place.

Meat pen - Kayla Patrick, champion; Merisa Walter, reserve champion; Benjamin Shriner, 25th place; Andrea Shriner, 14th place; and Rachel Jackson, 12th place.

New Zealand - Benjamin Shriner, four first place awards, two second place awards, three third place awards and a sixth place award; Andrea Shriner, first place, five second place awards, three third place awards and a fifth place; and Merisa Walter, first, second, third and fourth place awards.

Roaster - Merisa Walter, champion and first place; Andrea Shriner, reserve champion and second place; Benjamin Shriner, seventh place.

Silver - Benjamin Shriner, fourth; Andrea Shriner, second.

Silver Marten - Kayla Patrick, first, third, fourth and sixth places.

Stewer - Merisa Walter, champion and first place; Benjamin Shriner, fourth place; and Andrea Shriner, fifth place.

Blackface/Commercial - Ashley Wesco, 10th place; Kaitlin Aughinbaugh, fourth place; Alex Wesco, 10th place; Lane Burnau, third and 12th places; and Ty Miller, fifth place.

Hampshire - Alyssa Aughinbaugh, eighth place; and Kaitlin Aughinbaugh, 10th place.

Natural Color - Ty Miller, seventh place.

Oxford - Ty Miller, champion ewe, three first places, three second place awards and fourth place, and first place in Oxford junior ewe showmanship; Robert Sliger III, 11th place.

Shropshire - Lane Burnau, 10th place; Robert Sliger III, eighth place; and Alyssa Aughinbaugh, second place.
Suffolk - Alex Wesco, 13th place.

Berkshire - Gregory Goff, fifth place; Kennidy Lauer, fifth place; Emma Haupert, third place; Cassidy Johnson, fourth place; and Aidan Raab, first place.

Chester White - Dalaney Vickrey, champion Chester White barrow and first place; Garrett Scher, participant.
Crossbred, commercial and other - Kennidy Lauer, fourth place; Thomas Trout, first, third and fifth places and second place in senior showmanship; Kendra Arnold, fourth place; Logan Kline, fourth place; Allyson Trout, third place; Tanner Shipley, second place; Lane Burnau, fifth place; Conner Lauer, Tyler Kline, Tate Russell, Taylor Scher, Bailey Irick, Jacob Wood and Tate Russell, participants.

Duroc - Tate Russell, sixth place; Trevor Brewer, fifth and sixth places; Jackson Johnson, fourth place; Jada Johnson, fourth place; Katelynn Arnold, fifth place in show and first place in junior showmanship; Lane Burnau, first place; Cassidy Johnson, second place; Leigh Ann Trickle, second place; and Kennidy Lauer, Gabby Line, Cole Little and Lane Burnau, participants.

Hampshire - Jackson Johnson, show participant and first place in senior showmanship; and Tanner Shipley, third place.

Hereford - Lane Whitted, reserve champion gilt and first place; and Aidan Raab, second place.

Landrace - Kelsey Bauer, champion gilt and first and second places; Cale Burnau, third place; Ty Miller, first place; and Caden Brubaker, fourth place in show and first in junior showmanship.

Poland - Cassidy Johnson, second place; Jacob Wood, fourth; Cale Burnau, second; and Emma Landrum, third.

Spotted - Owen Vickrey, first; Clayton Johnson, three second place awards; Brady Johnson, participant; Gabby Line, second; and Gregory Goff, third.

Tamworth - Collin Langston, third place.

Yorkshire - Kelsey Bauer, first place and champion Yorkshire barrow; Dalaney Vickrey, first place and champion Yorkshire gilt; Brady Johnson, fourth; Cory Little, fourth; Cale Burnau, fourth; and Eli Little and Bailey Irick, participants.