Locals get state fair honors

Indiana State Fair officials have released the first group of results from judging of 4-H projects at the state fair.

The initial group of results includes non-livestock projects and preliminary fashion revue judging.

In the 2013 state fair fashion revue, two Huntington County 4-H'ers were selected to participate in the finals on Saturday, Aug. 10, at 1 p.m. Madison Phillips will compete in the separates category, and Jessie Earhart will compete in the formal wear category.
A preliminary competition was held in which the top 15 in each of six categories were selected to advance to the finals on Aug. 10. The finals will be held in Farm Bureau building at the state fairgrounds, in Indianapolis.

In other projects, judges select one sweepstakes winner per project, recognized as the overall best entry in that category. Judges also present merit awards to exhibits of exceptional quality; blue awards for exhibits that are complete and well done; red ribbons to projects that meet requirements and display average quality work; white ribbons to those below that standard; and green ribbons that do not meet standards.
Here is a list of ribbons earned by Huntington County 4-H'ers:

Cake Decorating - Stephanie Atkinson and Crosley Stanley, blue; and Jessie Earhart, white.

Cat Posters - Rebecca Landers and Alxandra Stanley, blue; Amanda Pugh, red.

Child Development - Kennady Chapin, Brianna Shane, and Madison Phillips, blue ; and Anissa Bredemeyer, red.

Computer - Alexandra Forsythe, and Scott Forsythe, merit.

Consumer clothing - Hannah Nissley, Maggie Park, and Maggie Threet, blue.

Crafts - Cordell Lewis, merit; Kaitlyn Stephan, Wilson Whicker, Emily Walter, Rachel Platt, Emma Landrum, Elizabeth Scheiber, Rebecca Smith, Alivia Cady, and Brenden Buehler, blue.

Dog posters - Savannah Brown and Jessie Earhart, blue; Emma Bechtold, red.

Electric - Corah Rupley, merit; Scott Forsythe, Josh Rice, Chase Mickley, Darren Jackson and Evan Hill, blue.

Floriculture - Lauren Stephan, Jasmine McGaughey, Julie Winters and Bonnie Hardy, merit; Mackenzie LaCroix, Colt Myers, Rylie Shipbaugh, Montana Phillips, Leah Padgett and Tess Widener, blue.

Foods (Baked or Displays) - Brenna Mason, Jomathan Richardson, Kade Brown and Josef Thomson, merit; Crosley Stanley and Jessica Stanczak, blue; Kaitlin Carroll and Emma Landrum, red.

Foods (preserved items) - Alyssa Aughinbaugh and Tremar Clore, merit; Karisa Clore, Alexander Hughes, Mackenzie LaCroix, Karissa Marley and Maxwell Hughes, blue; Adam Stanczak and Matthew Knight, red.

Forestry - Rachel Bryant and Julie Winters, merit; Darren Jackson, blue.

Garden (educational) - Jordyn Poulson, blue.

Garden collection - Joe Alleman, red.

Genealogy - Elijah Allred and Madison Herstad, blue; Holly Bickel and Ethan Strafford, red.

Geology - Cade Macaleese and Kathleen Jacobs, blue; Jeffrey Whicker, red.

Health - Brianna Shane, Alexandra Forsythe and Karisa Clore, blue.

Home Environment - Maitlyn Christman, Lily Clanin, Darian Lavine and Jowaun Scher, blue; Karmen Koch, red.

Llama posters - Eli Wood and David Prather, blue.

Personality - Jessica Hernandez, Wilson Whicker, Jeffrey Whicker and Stephanie McElhaney, blue.

Rabbit posters - Mary Layman, merit; Savanna Stoltz, blue; and Megan Karst, red.

Sewing - Stephanie Atkinson, merit; Victoria Keiffer, Kirsten Roller, Eva Thomson, Morgan Nightingale, Emma Melcher and Katie Melcher, blue; and Cora Hill, red.

Sewing (non-wearables) - Megan Stephan and Reece Colclesser, merit; Madelyn Keiffer, Victoria Keiffer and Savanna Stoltz, blu;e and Victoria Huffman, red.
Shooting Sports Education - Darin Thomas, red; and Jared Johnston and Lesley Zoook, white.

Single Herb - Eryn Dolby, merit and blue.

Single Vegetables - Rylie Shipbaugh, Taryn Jojola, Mackenzie LaCroix and Kylee Jojola, blue; and Freeman LaCroix III and Ryan Shipbaugh, red.

Soil and Water Conservation - Matthew Mcmillan, Marianne Christman and Alexandria Christman, blue; and Robert Sliger III, red.

Veterinary Science - Jenna Poulson, Alexandra Forsythe and Scott Forsythe, merit.

Weed Identification and Control - Savannah Brown, blue.

Wildlife - Maggie Park, merit; and Ethan Stafford and Kaitlin Aughinbaugh, blue.

Woodworking - Maggie Park and Jake Collins, merit; and Andrew Smith and Eli Ernst, blue.