Dan Leonard appointed to serve on two summer study committees

State Rep. Dan Leonard (R-Huntington) has been appointed to serve on the Native American Indiana Affairs Commission and the Unemployment Insurance Oversight Committee.

"I have done extensive research over the years on issues related to Native Americans and unemployment insurance," Leonard says.

"I look forward to continuing that research this summer as a member of the study committees."

Every year after the legislative session is completed, the Legislative Council meets to assign topics for study during the interim as well as establish any new interim committee that is needed to examine a particular issue.

Most interim committees begin meeting in July with their work wrapping up toward the end of October.

Interim committees are an integral part of the legislative process. Even though session is adjourned for 2013, representatives continue their legislative duties by conducting in-depth studies of various topics assigned to their committees. Interim committees with specific expertise receive public testimony and work out the details of proposed legislation before it is introduced in the 2014 session.

"For the most crucial issues facing Hoosiers, it is necessary to continue research beyond our time spent during the legislative session," Leonard says. "Each bill should be thoughtfully considered on its merits and potential effect on Hoosiers; the summer study committees are an excellent means to fully evaluate complex topics."