Markle council hears about Tracy Street project

Jay Stankiewicz, of SLZ Indiana and project manager, addressed the Markle Town Council regarding the Tracy Street project during its regular council meeting on Wednesday, June 19.

The project calls for a complete renovation of the street, including a new base, asphalt, fixing any drainage issues and widening the street by 12 feet.

Among those in attendance were Council President Jeff Humbarger, Mark Hamilton, vice president; council member Rick Bower and Shelley Monticue, clerk-treasurer.

Stankiewicz reported that the contract the town had previously signed with INDOT now has some amendments and asked for the amended version to be re-executed. He however noted that the changes did not affect the contract, but simply cleared up some wording.

He also talked about the drainage issues that affected the street. Per INDOT regulations, the pipes that are responsible for handling overflow are no the right dimensions and Stankiewicz stated that while not exactly a pressing issue at this time, there would be problems if a subdivision were to be built nearby.

"We did a complete drainage study to analyze the water issue and determine elevation," he noted. "We have figured alternate routes for the drainage, including the Markle walking path route of outflow of high water."

He added that more surveying had to be done, as there was a residential area nearby.

After further discussion, the council approved and passed the adoption of the contract.

In other business:

• Discussed at length was the proposed agreement between the Town of Markle and Novae about placing the Sure-Trac logo on the town's water tower. At the last meeting, councilman Rick Bower indicated that he would have liked to see the "Markle" of the same size as the Sure-Trac lettering. Humbarger, who has been the intermediary between the town and Novae, indicated that the company would not agree to the lettering being of the same size as there would be no benefit because "Sure-Trac" would not stand out.

There was room for compromise however, Humbarger noted, as Novae agreed to slightly increasing the size in lettering for the "Markle" portion. After further discussion, Humbarger stated that he would like the matter to be decided instead of prolonging it for another meeting. The motion to adopt the terms of the new proposal was approved 2-1, with Humbarger and Hamilton for and Bower against.

• Monticue reported that a town employee had questions regarding payment for banked sick days if an employee was retiring. Humbarger noted that the current employee handbook clearly stated that there was no financial compensation for unused sick days should the employee fail to use them prior to retirement.

Monticue stated there was some unclear language and council decided to table the matter until it was reviewed further.

After the clerk-treasurer's and town marshal reports, the meeting was adjourned.