Rockcreek alumni hold reunion

Former students of Rockcreek High School, Wells County, and their guests attended an alumni banquet May 18 at Norwell High School.

Guess were welcomed by Arlin and Sally McAfee, Diane Cupp Rice, Dale and Marie Dolby and Terry Powell.

The invocation was given by John Walmsley, Rockcreek faculty guidance counselor, and a meal was served to 126 people.

After dinner, President Arlin McAfee opened a business meeting. Dale Dolby read the minutes and the treasurer's report. Dolby thanked Terry Powell for maintaining the grounds at the Rockcreek marker. He also thanked the military veterans in attendance and recognized the honored classes - 1943, with four members in attendance; 1953, with three in attendance; and 1963, with 10 in attendance. Rice conducted a memorial service for classmates who died during the past year, and a prayer was given by Walmsley.

Powell was elected to succeed McAfee as president. Dolby plans to resign as secertary/treasurer in 2014, and Debra Gensic Waldron will take over the position in 2014. Rice will continue to serve as historian. McAfee instroduced the New Horizons Polka Band, which played a medley of polka and Dixieland music. One of the bands members is Janet Dolby Roberts, a member of the Rockcreek class of 1959, who accompanied classmates in singing the school song.

Those attending included:

Teacher - Jeanne Gilbert.

Class of 1938 - Ruth Gilbert Arnold and Jane Woodward Nave.

Class of 1940 - Martha Ake Gearhart and Robert Dale Morrissey.

Class of 1941 - Emojean Inskeep Brown, Imogene McCarthy Minton and Dee Dolby.

Class of 1942 - Jim Bowman and guest Janice Spahr, Marcia Gordon Walburn and Roger and guest Donna Brown.

Class of 1943 - Arleen Gilbert Smith, Clarence McAfee, Harold Lesh and Mary Powell Coffield and Rex.

Class of 1944 - Joyce Girod Grandlienard and Jean Girod Kober and Jack.

Class of 1946 - Betty Roberts McAfee, Dwight Siela and Martha, Oliver Lambert and Beverly Gensic.

Class of 1947- Arlene Buel Gordon.

Class of 1948 - Beverly Barrick Hunter, Joyce Gilbert Roberts and Jerry Siela and Gloria.

Class of 1949 - Carol Black Hoffacker and Stanley and guests Angelia Black Biberstein, Tonya Black Aerts and Wendy Black Schladenhauf, Max Kinsey and Connie and Carolyn Line Peek.

Class of 1950 - Shirley Platt Mounsey and Kay and David Fuller and Frances.

Class of 1951 - Beverly Siela Boots and Claron, John Walmsley and Jean and Lee Hoopingarner and Pat.

Class of 1952 - John Siela and Jean.

Class of 1953 - Carl Stauffer, Harlan Lambert, Lois Walmsley Shutt and Guy.

Class of 1954 - Norma Jean Kinsey Mossburg and Jerry, Richard Shively and Carole.

Class of 1955 - Dale Dolby and Marie.

Class of 1956 - Neal Rice and Judy, Dale Falk and Millie, Thomas Jackson, George Keplinger and Barbara Jackson Keplinger (class of 1958), Charlotte Cupp Johnson, Maryanne Riley O'Connor and Betty Lou Lesh Dunwiddie.

Class of 1957 - Arlin McAfee and Sally, Janet Cash Schoeff and Roy, Charles Ewart and Veda, Norm Wibel and Judy Wygant Wibel.

Class of 1958 - Betty Walmsley Daugherty, Marvin Haiflich, Donna Edris Bradley and Max Schmidt.

Class of 1959 - Bonnie Ewart Blessing, Linda Crum Smith, Neil Kinsey and Joy, Joyce Roberts Longenberger and Sharon (Wright) Crozier and Jay.

Class of 1960 - Karen Bender Roberts, Mike Geisman and Donna Blessing Geisman (Class of 1963), Susan Hogg Price and Norman Thompson and Carolyn.

Class of 1962 - Ed Decker and Susie.

Class of 1963 - Alvin Edris, Deb Fairchild Gaskill and Larry, Jim Beck and Carolyn Pequignot Beck, Jean Ann (Schmidt) Pettigrew, Dave Baller and Janet, Diane Cupp Rice, Karen Johnson Hunnicutt and Mary Lou Grover Dohrman and Norm.

Classmates of 1967 - Terry Powell and Sharon McAfee Reed and Larry.

RC Classmates of 1968 - Byron Powell and Debra Gensic Waldron and Gary.

RC Classmates of 1969 - Mike Peek and Deb.

RC Classmates of 1970 - Kristine Bushee.

RC Classmates of 1971 - Cathy McAfee Hayden.

RC Classmates of 1972 - Beverly McAfee McCartney, Cheri Inskeep Thomas, Janette Redding Pearson and Patti Langel.

To receive an invitation to future Rockcreek alumni banquets, send name, address and phone number to Dale Dolby, 9665N-100W-90, Markle, IN 46770.