County Memorial Day service set for May 27

A Memorial Day service, paying tribute to the memory of the men and women who put their lives on the line to serve their country, will be held on Monday, May 27, at 6:30 p.m. at the First Church of the Nazarene in Huntington.

The service will pay tribute to 86 Huntington County veterans who died in 2012.

In addition, the Huntington County Veterans Service Office and the Huntington County Veterans' Council have distributed more than 2,400 American flags to cemeteries in Huntington County.

The flags are distributed by members of American Legion Posts 7, 85 and 160; Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2689; Huntington County 40/8; and citizen volunteers.

The flags are placed at the entrance to each cemetery on Thursday and Friday, May 23 and 24, prior to Memorial Day weekend. Family members and friends are encouraged to take one of the flags and place it on the grave of a veteran.

Huntington County veterans who died during 2012 and will be honored during this year's Memorial Day ceremony are:

Dorman L. Bair, Thomas D. Barker, Willard R. Barnes, Steven Bartrom, William M. Beemer, Anthony W. Bickel, Robert O. Bischoff, James E. Bolinger, Rex B. Boyer and John S. Bradin.

Also, C. Keith Burkart, Arthur O. Burton, Michael W. Clift, Earl C. Cryderman, Alan E. Daggett, Robert W. Deal, Robert H. Diffenbaugh, Donald E. Dimond, Richard A. Doversberger and Harold "Kelly" DeVall.

Also, Robert W. Emmons, Larry A. Falcone, Leona B. Faulkner, Henry J. Firnhaber Jr., Robert J. Fisher, Gerald E. Funk, Edward J. Gargiulo, Lester P. Gentis, David A. Graves and George E. Gray.

Also, Robert H. Griffith, Phillip G. Grodrian, Thomas W. Hammond, Jerry L. Haney, Max E. Helms, Wayne B. Herring, Dean W. Hite, Emory J. Horn, Hubert L. Houser and Ross J. Hoy.

Also, Bob E. Hughes, Verlin R. Jackson, James E. Jamison, Glen E. Kiefer, Roger L. Koehlinger, Harold Landrigan, Harold G. Larr, Carl E. Leatherman, William E. Mann and Henry C. McAlister.

Also, Wilbur E. McLaughlin, Dennis J. Miller, James E. Miller, Robert J. Miller, Lester W. Mitchell, Homer M. Muir, Timothy W. Myrice, Sylvester J. Nunley, Cletus P. Olinger and Larry L. Raichart.

Also, Harley C. Ralston, Donald D. Ramsey, Robert E. Ray, Richard M. Retherford, Jerry L. Ruef, Frederick H. Rudig, Bernard J. Scher, Sumner B. Sheets and Charles A. Shuman.

Also, Jerry C. Simmons, Don E. Slusher, Wilbur J. Stallings, Robert D. Stamper, Ted Stell, Ralph E. Stout, Russell R. Teusch and Paul D. Thompson.

Also, Wayne D. Thompson, Elmo Ufheil, John E. VanRyn, Eugene H. Warner, James F. Weller, Everett L. Wilson, Dorland W. Wyatt and James F. Young.