Extension to hold block party workshop

The Purdue Extension Office of Huntington County will host a block party workshop on Tuesday, May 14, for parents, children and child care providers.

The program, hosted by Life's Little Treasures Childcare in Markle, starts at 5 p.m. Parents are invited to stay and play for a bit with their children at the party. A training session for childcare providers will follow the block party at 6 p.m.

Block parties are designed for children 5 and under. The goal of a block party is to help young children learn through interactive play. The use of building blocks as a means of learning lays a foundation for early math, reading, science and physical skill retention for kids, say organizers.

The block parties not only serve as a means for educational development, but as a bonding tool. These workshops allow kids to interact positively with their parents, other adults and their peers.

The training that follows the program offers childcare providers and parents a detailed look at the benefits children receive while playing with blocks.

Block party workshops are a free service provided by the Purdue Extension Office of Huntington County.

For more information, call the Purdue Extension office at 358-4826 or e-mail Karen Hinshaw at kdhinsha@purdue.edu.