Sandlin wins Huntington Catholic Primary Building spelling contest

Kendra Sandlin.
Photo provided.

Kendra Sandlin is the winner of the Huntington Catholic School Primary Building spelling bee.

Sandlin, a third-grader, correctly spelled the word "vanished" in the 16th round to win the contest on March 28.

The runner-up is Seth Scheiber, a fourth-grader, who misspelled the word "thorough."

Students competed in their classrooms to win the right to take part in the Primary Building competition.

Contestants in addition to Sandlin and Scheiber were Adam Holzinger, Jax Mickley, Isaac Zay and Levin Vanover, first grade; Laura Hartmus, Caleb Scheiber, Samson Vickrey and Owen Woolard, second grade; Josie Eckert, Katie Smith and Kennedy Stecher, third grade; and Samantha Ball, Olivia Godfroy and Macy McCloskey, fourth grade.