Huntington North’s Hammel on team to create math plans

Jarod Hammel, an algebra teacher at Huntington North High School, has been selected to be part of a team of teachers that will create a year's worth of math lessons that will be available to teachers across the country.

Hammel is one of 28 math teachers selected to be part of the Master Teacher Project sponsored by BetterLesson, a company that provides an online platform for teachers to share effective curriculum.

The Master Teacher Project is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The 28 members of the Master Teacher Project were selected from 360 applicants on the basis of their exceptional mathematical knowledge, ability to illuminate math for their students and leadership in their schools and communities.

They will work together to write year-long courses, units and lessons that are aligned with Common Core State Standards, a set of uniform educational guidelines for kindergarten through 12th grade that schools in all 50 states are being asked to adopt.

The courses created by the Master Teacher Project, which focus on math in grades 6-12, will be available free to all teachers.

This is the first group of teachers to participate in the Master Teacher Project.