Roanoke program will explore Civil War divisions

"Treason on the Homefront," a program exploring divided loyalties among Hoosiers during the Civil War, will be presented on Tuesday, Feb. 26, at 7 p.m. at the Cottage Event Center in Roanoke.

The Roanoke Area Heritage Center will host the program, which will be presented by Steve Williams.

While husbands and sons faced the enemy on far away battlefields, escalating tensions at home pitted neighbor against neighbor.

Williams' narrative will focus on attorney Lambdin P. Milligan, one of Huntington County's most controversial figures.

Milligan was charged and tried by a military tribunal, which found him guilty of being involved in a treasonable conspiracy and condemned him to death.

Milligan escaped the hangman's noose when his sentence was commuted to life imprisonment and was ultimately set free by a landmark Supreme Court decision, which ruled that civilians could not be tried by military commissions when the civil courts are functioning.