Bendix minimizes use of landfill by recycling

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems has achieved a 92 percent waste diversion rate through its recycling efforts, company officials say.

The company which has a plant in Huntington, made the announcement on Nov. 15, a date designated as "America Recycles Day" by the nonprofit Keep America Beautiful organization.

Bendix, which manufactures braking system and safety components, routinely recycles paper, cardboard, wood, plastic and metal at all of its plants.

Bendix has also strengthened its remanufacturing efforts, launching a business unit focused on the practice in 2011 and expanding it in 2012 with serial production of remanufactured brake shoes at its new Bendix Brake Shoe Remanufacturing Center in Huntington.
"Less than one-twelfth of our waste now goes to landfills, and Bendix is pleased with the progress we've made in recent years toward reducing that fraction to zero," said Maria Gutierrez, Bendix health, safety, and environmental manager. "We feel we are very close to that goal."