Andrews TC holds special meeting

Topics pertaining to the water rate study commissioned by the Andrews Town Council took center stage during a special meeting of the council on Monday, Oct. 22.

The council examined the water rate study with Steve Brock, of Thurber, Brock & Associates Inc., the municipal financial consulting firm that conducted the study.

The biggest accomplishment during the meeting, says Bill Johnson, clerk-treasurer of the Andrews town council, was that the council established rates for the next several years.

By doing so, Johnson says, it will allow the council to "purchase capital assets and to maintain a good financial footing in our utilities system for the next several years."

The biggest issue still facing the council, Johnson says, is that it must set forth a utility policy for the town.

The council also discussed the removal of an aging water tower by Andrews Elementary School.

"We're still searching for quotes and bids," says Johnson, "and we'll probably make that decision sometime over the next several months."

Utility Superintendent Colin Bullock requested funds from the council to purchase a new meter to test water for ammonia and pH levels.

The meter Bullock had in mind costs approximately $4,000, and the council granted him the requested funds.
The council expressed interest in transitioning from holding one meeting a month to two.

"When we notify the media at the first of the year, which we're required by law to do, when our meetings will be, we'll probably go to a scheduled two-meeting-per-month schedule at that time," says Johnson.

The goal of the change is to shorten the lengths of meetings and to lessen the wide amount of things the council has to cover during the course of a single meeting.