Roanoke council unhappy with move to close town court

The Roanoke Town Council and Judge Bob Turpin, of the Roanoke town court, say they are displeased with a recent move by Huntington County Prosecutor Amy Richison that will likely result in the closure of the town court.

The council was informed of upcoming changes in the court's operation on Friday, Oct. 12, says Troy Karshner, president of the council, said during the council's Oct. 16 meeting.

Turpin voiced his disappointment. The council sympathized with Turpin and considered how the decision would affect the town, such as from a monetary standpoint.

"Basically, no more tickets are going to be filed through our court, which in a sense cuts our revenue stream down, which eliminates the monies that come through our town," says Karshner. "It takes it from here and puts it into Huntington."

The council and Turpin agreed to meet at a later date to discuss the situation in greater detail.

John Nelson, an engineer with DLZ Indiana, an engineering and architecture firm out of Fort Wayne, spoke to the council about the process of evaluating the town's infrastructure to determine its level of compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, which can have an impact on Roanoke's eligibility for federal dollars.

"It was kind of one of those things, bringing it to the forefront ... (considering) putting a list together to see where we're at as far as compliance with our town and our community and then from there taking that list and putting together what we need to do as far as the future and getting some of those issues corrected as we go forward," says Karshner.

"If you want any (federal) money, you will be ADA compliant on your infrastructure," adds Councilman John Stoeckley.